The unapologetically cozy plant collecting game.

  • Build a beautiful indoor garden from the ground up in your New York City apartment.
  • Water and fertilize your plants and get rewarded with coins to buy more plants and art to decorate your apartment.
  • Grow plants from sprouts and collect achievements as you decorate and fill your apartment with plants.

We are pleased to announce that PLANT THERAPY is now available for download.

Note: The downloadable Windows and Mac versions have superior performance and many additional features and will give you the richest playing experience. We recommend the ITCH app for managing your downloads.

What is in the downloadable version?

  • Save function! You can now save your games and come back to them!
  • Extended apartment! Double the space for taking care of your plants. This feature is unlocked once you buy seven plants.
  • Second Neighborhood with a brand new apartment and new street front to explore! This feature unlocks once you have played 10 days.
  • Many new plants plus some that bloom!
    • Be on the look out for Peperomia Watermelon, Swiss Cheese Monstera, Bunny Ears Cactus, and much more!
  • New Artwork
  • The Vintage Shop has new goodies so be sure to check it out!
  • Art Gallery to buy fancier art for your apartment!
  • New Pots
    • Did someone say Cat planter? (This is my personal favorite.)


  • More plants and art work
  • Inventory that allows you to swap out pots
  • Achievements page so you can check to see what goodies are waiting to be discovered.
  • Screenshot album so you can save custom images of your favorite plants and configurations.
  • Third Neighborhood-- Yet another apartment and neighborhood to explore

Be sure to join us on our DISCORD server to keep up with new updates or to report any bugs you find. Player feedback and ideas have been crucial in getting Plant Therapy built—we love our fellow plant parents!

We are working hard to bring even more content to Plant Therapy.  Be sure to follow us if you want to be kept in the loop!

Reviews help get our game seen. If you enjoy playing, please consider giving us a review! Thanks for playing and we love all the great feedback we have been getting.

Short Leg Studio Team

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
AuthorsShort Leg Studio, WhereTheRedfernCodes, RandyLarson, Short Leg Studio, cindytrivera, Jennevieve Schlemmer
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, Clicker, Cozy, Cute, Gardening, Idle, plant, Relaxing, wholesome
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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Version 230524.16

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I can't buy anything in the shops. I have enough coins but I click on them and nothing happens? 😩

Are you playing this on the Itch app (downloaded version) or the web? Did it happen right away or after a couple of in game days of playing?

Also, you might be able to afford the plant but if you switch to another pot it will be more expensive. The base price is in the terracotta pot.

i have it downloaded through the downloaded app onto windows.

(1 edit)

If you go back to your save, does it still not work? We haven't seen this bug before so any details really help us---we also have a pretty big update coming out in the next week so that might take of this issue!

this game is lovely. thank you for making it, im sincerely looking forward to more of it :)

That you for your review! Look for a big update coming very soon!

I loved this game! Very cute and relaxing. Lots of different plants to buy and also a variety of pots. My favourite pot is the cat 🐱

Thank you so much!

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Love this game.  So nice to be able to take a break and tend my plants.  Great variety of plants.  Love the artwork. 

Thank you for the kind words!


"Life is short, make it fun." -- I disagree. Life is way too long. I'm kinda done.

Hi! I downloaded this game but keep getting a "cant open this application" error on my macbook. any idea of how to fix this? thankyou!

let me get our Mac dev on it!

Also, if you feel comfortable joining our Discord channel, you can post screen shots and we can try to help you there.

Hi there! Have you tried installing using the itch app?

This app should help keep things up to date and make sure the application can run properly. I just tested downloading using it and it seemed to work.

An alternative to try: Sometimes Mac security controls will stop apps that it doesn't recognize from running. You can try holding the control key and selecting open from the menu. This should give you an option to open the application directly.

I hope one of these solutions resolves the problem for you!

oh that worked! thank you so much, sorry im a newbie at this 

yay! no need to apologize-computers are weird!

(1 edit)

If I save my game (downloadable version), it saves the amount of money that I have but nothing else.  None of my plants, none of my art items.  They all disappear.

I don't know if others have had this same issue but it sucks :(

Edit: I've now had a couple successes with saving, exiting, and coming back . . . sort of.  Now my plants end up stacked on top of each other, all in the same spot, and all the other spots disappear.

Oh no! I am sorry this is happening!
Have you tried the new build that we released yesterday Feb 2nd? We had another tester that was having issues with a few items disappearing and we think we have fixed that now because it was tied to having multiple instances of the same plant stand but have never heard of all the items disappearing!
If it isn't fixed in the latest build we would love to get a copy of your save to test.

Well at the risk of jinxing it, I think the update might have sorted it out!!! I've saved, exited, and come back a couple times now, and all my plants are still there and in the spots where I left them :D :D

(I'm also loving the new rainbow pots)

. . . I might've jinxed it.  There's still one plant stand where it seems like multiple plants just really want to be, and they move themselves there sometimes (upon saving, exiting, and coming back) after being placed elsewhere.

ok, it sounds like it might be the double instances of the same stand bug coming back. Our main programmer is on a minibreak but will be back next week so hopefully we can get this sorted soon. Thank you so much for letting us know what is going on. One quick question, is the second apartment unlocking for you? That is another bug that just came up today. (Also, feel free to join our discord to share any screen shots of bugs-it's very helpful!)

I haven't gotten enough money yet to try buying the second apartment, but I'll let you know if it works when I do!

one more thing--if you accidentally close the game without going to the main menu and selecting "Save & Exit" you will lose all progress. We do not currently have an auto save function. We have been testing and not able to recreate your bug. Let us know if you keep experiencing it. Player feedback is what keeps us going!

The plant visual is so amazing its like a watercolor paint and the cute cat drawing       Request: can you do plant form indonesia like rafflesia arnoldii? b'cz that my home land indoesia :) if you add it its will make me super,duper happy and maybe you can add a special flower room call: Flower of The Fans like there will be flower that the request of the fans.Anyway's its a lovely game and i loooooove it and i hope you have so many ideas for the next update and maybe this image on top here can be inspiration sorry if my comment so loong hhehe and byeee ❤️🧋✨✨🌱🏵️🪴🪴

oooh thank you for the suggestion! I will try to figure out how to work in a rafflesia arnoldii! I saw a specimen of this plant at the Natural History Museum here in NYC and was blown away by how cool it looks! It's so big in real life--you might end up seeing it as a painting in our new art gallery!! Thank you for playing!

Also, I wanted to let you know the moth orchid will be coming in the 3rd apartment and that is a plant from Indonesia!!

omg tyyy so muchhh and the raflesia arnoldii can be painting or its can be a plant like the width is 3 round cactus but's its up to you ❤️

One of my favourite games. The perfect way to relax after a long day of work.  Question: will there be a downloadable option for mac users in the future ? 

Yes! We are currently working on a mac option for when we do our next big update. Thank you so much for your feedback!

LOVELY GAME. BUT THE CASHES AND DIAMOND MAY a little slower 'cause too fast for me, thank you.


Just to clarify, you think they are moving too fast? Or you are making too much money too fast? Thank you for playing and giving us playtesting feedback!

(1 edit)

A little slower reward flow movement would be nice, thanks of midnight amounts

Thank you for the input!

is there any way to save the game so i don't have to restart every time i want to play


We are working on a downloadable option that has a save function! We have one more big update in the next couple of weeks and then the saveable version will be coming up soon after. Be sure to follow us so you know when the updates come out. Thanks for playing!

Love the game, so relaxing! I especially love the mystery sprout that turns into a plant. Would you consider having other plants that grow/bloom after one has fed them for a while?

Thank you for the kind words! and YES! we are planning to add quite a few more plants to grow as sprouts. This was our first to test it out. Plants that grow from sprouts will not be available as full size plants in the shop. Look out for more sprouts in the next few weeks.

That's awesome!! Thanks for all the work you put into this

(1 edit)

love it so far, night time needs to last as long as day time IMO, or have a permanent night mode unlock or something.  also need an auto collector, too many gems/coins slows the game to a crawl quick, couldn't even get half the plants in there. otherwise i love it :D  

OH and need a way to stagger the plants or be able to click through them, once u start filling it up, they cover each other are it gets hard to water/fertilize each plant as they overlap.

Thank you so much for your input! We are working on an auto coin collector in an upcoming update. We are also working on a downloadable option that should help with performance versus the web build. Thanks for playing!

Just wanted to let you know our new update has a robot that you can purchase that will auto collect your coins! 

I wonder if a setting or perhaps a purchasable ornament could possibly add the ability to have coins auto collected?

Oh thank you for the feedback! We are working on some updates and have something like that as a potential item. Our first update will be more UI oriented and then we will be tweaking game play soon after!

Awesome to hear, thankyou so much, you've done a fantastic job on the game and I very much look forward to it's future!


Hi! Wanted to let you know that our latest update now includes a little robot you can buy that will auto collect your coins!

I love cat roomba, and I love you you


Is there any way to save your game? I'd love to save my progress and not have to start over each time, I love this game so much. 


Oh thank you for the feedback! We have a 'save' option on our to-do list. It will be a downloadable option. Follow if you want to know when more updates come out. Thanks for playing!!!

Cute game. Graphics is amazing,  I love animations and effects.

Thank you so much!


Love the changes you've made to this cute little game! Not having to click on each coin and gem is a great update. It is looking really good and the plants are gorgeous. I love the colorful effect overnight.

Thank you! Isn't it soooo much more enjoyable not to have to click on the coins!!? ;)


I love the idea of the game. In practice, the cursor is extremely glitchy. does not run smoothly at all.  So it isn't fun, just frustrating. If the cursor would move smoothly and quickly, it would be a lot of fun. I'm using an imac and a logitech mouse.

That’s very interesting. Thanks for the note and for including your system information in there. I take it that your imac is pretty new and you never experience this elsewhere.

Thanks, Randy. My imac is actually very  old. So maybe that's the problem. Im running OS X Yosemite, so pretty old. 

oh no! I'm sorry the game isn't working on your computer! It has a lot of special effects that probably strain an older computer. Thanks for trying to play! //Jennevieve


Its a great game. I'll be getting a new computer this year, so i can try later. I love the concept and the graphics.

I'm having the same problem too! I have an ASUS TUF gaming laptop and it's pretty new

I am sorry to hear that! We haven't been able to recreate the glitches. But we are working on a downloadable option that may help

Very cute and lovely. I love the sway of the plants and satisfying "ding!" when you collect a coin, even though my hand was cramping up from all the coinage the fx and sound made me want to keep clicking. That and buying more plants! Can't wait to see how this develops!

I took my gloves out and bought something and now I don't have them. I cannot move any plants.


Thank you for reporting this bug! Can you tell me what browser you use? There are a few bugs we are having trouble duplicating.

I was using Chrome when I encountered this bug.

Thank you for the info. Weird things happen in different browsers!

I love the art and the relaxed game play. The mechanics of buying a plant and placing it in your room is just oddly satisfying and fun. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing what you all do with it next!


Thank you for trying out the game. I appreciate it!